Meet Deb

Hi, I’m Deb Talan.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find your stay here inspiring and informative in whatever way you need most. There’s Music, expressive Art, a Survivor Blog where I write openly about my experience as a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest. There’s so much magic in the making of Art, and in healing work of all kinds. Both have been, and continue to be spiritual endeavors for me. Making Art and Music has been a huge part of my healing journey, and it continues to be a part of leading a life that feels rich and real and uniquely mine, every day I’ve got here on this planet. I’ve found healing from abuse happens bit by bit in moments, instants strung together over time. It’s the most intricate kind of unraveling, and I wish it fervently for you, if you need it.

Coming home to one’s Self is the best Hero’s journey; it’s the only one, really. And it makes so many other kinds of journeys possible. Here are some songs and artwork connected to my journey. May it keep you company on yours.

In safety and love,

Deb's Art

I’ve been drawing and painting and playing with color since I can remember. Earliest relevant memory here, age 3: favorite past times are drawing with crayons, playing with colorful blocks and making little cities, and dripping individual drops of food coloring into bowls of water in the kitchen sink! Making visual art has felt sometimes like a resource and sometimes like a necessity, very much like making music. I find, like many musician-artist-types, that making songs and visual art often play off of each other in terms of themes that I’m exploring, which is superfun. I hope you enjoy having a look around at what I’ve been creating lately in the visual realm. At present I’m only selling my pieces locally, but in the future, I’ll have originals and copies available for sale. Stay tuned, and thanks for being here!

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