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Childhood Sexual Abuse/Incest Survivor Resource Area

Welcome to my Childhood Sexual Abuse/Incest Survivor Blog and resource area. I’m creating this place in my corner of the internet, in hopes that it might offer some comfort, support, and information to other survivors.

I’ve found it so helpful, over the last 16 years of my own healing journey, to learn from the insights and experience of other survivors. Sometimes, I would find myself clinging to the words of some articulate and brave survivor in the wee hours, when I was up with a flashback and feeling like a lonely, shaking, broken version of myself.

Thank you to all of you who have been so courageous as to share your story with the world. I’m trying to do my part now, in a non-musical format, to add to the collective hope and healing of us all. I don’t promise this won’t be a bit messy. But I will try not to have particularly triggering material. If I feel like I need to get more detailed about specific experiences, for my own honesty and healing, or to hopefully help others, I’ll put a warning beside that particular blog post.

With so much love for all of us, my sisters and brothers.

In safety and love, Deb

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