Why Dinner Makes Me Nervous

Trigger warning, friends: Bulemia. For the last 6 months or so, my body sensory information  has been rapidly changing and thawing. It’s a continuing evolution, an evolution, as long as I have this body, I guess. Lately, I’ve become increasingly aware of how much tension my body is holding when I’m about to eat dinner. When I was married, it used to be just a general increasing anxiety in the […]

A Trauma Anniversary

Experiencing A Trauma Anniversary Monday, March 29th, 2021   Really challenging day yesterday. Sundays….always triggering (still not sure why, but very reliably so.) Add in a failed attempt at a hike with my kids and friends (as we got ready to go, my eldest suddenly had feet too big for his shoes (?!) ensuing drama […]

Self Pleasure and Survivorship

"HIPbones" block print of two female pelvises with a lotus flower in one, some blue color from oil pastel, purple inks some blue background and waveforms

Tuesday, March 9, 2021   Alright, this is a bit racy…. but i want to write a little about masturbation as a Survivor. First of all, hate the word. It sounds both too technical, and too crass. And, like the many varieties of snow, wine, kissing, chocolate, there isn’t just ONE thing that masturbation is. […]

Hate being a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I’m thinking that here, each week, I will write about some aspect of being an adult survivor. Being myself, in my grown-up woman life, and having the gifts and challenges that I do, in part, because of what I survived as a child. I hate being a survivor of sexual abuse. Of incest abuse by […]

For You, Survivor, just beginning

"Under Ice" large acrylic painting (2'x4') on wood, with pencil and oil pastel split frame underwater abstract blue iceberg, above the water white iceberg with wheeling birdsberg

For You, just starting your healing path, as an adult survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse and/or Incest Abuse…   This is an arduous journey you’ve begun, to be sure. Be brave. Also, be certain: you are undertaking it now, because you are ready to. Some days you won’t feel ready. Some days you will feel […]